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The Boiler Man : Charcoal on paper

‘The Boiler Man (Ideal Standard factory)’ (2015)

As part of my ongoing Urban Project local knowledge inspired me to look more closely at The Ideal Standard factory in Otley. Armitage Shanks was absorbed by Ideal Standard in the 90’s and they continue to make sanitary fittings to date. Although Ideal Standard own many sites globally the one in Otley is due to close at some point in 2015-16 with the loss of 74 jobs. One of the reasons behind the closure is the potential costs involved in replacing, and maintaining, this old boiler.

A painting was done from this sketch. Find out more here: The Boiler Man.

Exhibited at the Harrogate Mercer Art Gallery 4th July – 8th Nov 2015.

Charcoal on acid free high quality paper. Drawing size: 88x61cm. Framed.

Original: sold.